A.Fruit is Anna Fruit – a Russian DJ, producer, audio engineer and game industry sound designer from Moscow, currently based in St. Petersburg.

Her music is a modern take on drum & bass, footwork, and jungle. In 2019, her Obsession EP was released on the Med School label. The five tracks on Obsession explore bass music centered around 160 BPM. Her music can also be heard on compilations from Black Marble Collective, Worst Behavior Recs, and Teklife.

A.Fruit is also the founder of social network group and collective, Get High on Bass. As well as translating articles and interviews about bass music culture into Russian, the collective promotes female DJs and hosts guest acts from around the world.

At Loop, Anna will be taking part in an edition of Start Here with Andrew Huang and ZULI. They will join Loop attendees in a 12-hour sample flipping challenge to create a new track. She will also host a Listening Session and will perform as part of the Loop Night Program at Tresor club.

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A.Fruit, Andrew Huang, Felicity Mangan, ZULI

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