Joel Holmes & Cody Currie

Joel Holmes and Cody Currie are the perfect match, taking house music away from sampling and pre-determined structures and into improvised full-band live performance. The pair are forging a new path in jazz-infused house music from their basement studio in Berlin.

Joel Holmes is a previous member of Roy Hargrove’s Grammy-nominated band and plays in Carl Craig’s synthesizer ensemble. Since moving to Berlin he’s become an integral part of the city’s neo-jazz scene. The Urban Base Jam, his monthly improv session, attracts an international crowd of jazz musicians. In 2019 Erykah Badu’s entire band dropped in after their gig.

At first glance, Cody Currie comes from a very different discipline. The 24-year-old London born producer is making waves in the house scene for his stylized production and recognizable sound. 

The duo’s shared love of jazz has culminated in an approach to live instrumentation in house music which is continually evolving. This approach is evident in their upcoming Toy Tonics release New Chapter. They also host frequent improvised house music jams in their basement studio in Berlin.

Joel and Cody will host a Music Improv Session in which they will demonstrate how they navigate the fruitful intersection of jazz and house music. One part philosophy of composition and performance and one part invitation to experience the product of what might initially seem like an unlikely collaboration, attendees will leave considering how divergent angles and perspectives can converge in their own work.

Listen to more from Joel Holmes and Cody Currie on SoundCloud.

Joel Holmes & Cody Currie