Spherical Aberration

Spherical Aberration is the audio-visual project of Berlin-based Romanian artist and performer, Ioana Bilea.

With a background in environmental science, Bilea was inspired by working with 3D geographical maps and satellite data, and decided to use them as the foundation for her art. In 2015, she moved to Berlin to explore the city’s thriving art-science scene, and Spherical Aberration was born. In 2018, she performed at Berlin Atonal and Sonar Reykjavik.

Bilea’s visual compositions feature cinematic landscapes collected from nature, 3D organisms and textures inspired by the organic world, and generative visuals that have a life of their own. 

At Loop, Spherical Aberration will present an interactive AV installation that incorporates the sounds of her friend and collaborator, Lossz.

Spherical Aberration