Uwalmassa is an Indonesian trio that blends a variety of traditional instruments with digital sound manipulation. They create modern dance music drawing influence from a broad cultural spectrum, designed to deconstruct both current production trends and assumptions made about Indonesian culture and heritage.

The trio is made up of Harsya Wahono, Randy M. Pradipta and Pujangga Rahseta. They started the project to explore how traditional Indonesian music can be represented through modern digital production.

Bumi Uthiri, released in 2018, aims to examine Indonesian identities in a global context. Live instrumentation recorded on a single condenser mic was then digitally manipulated into a five-track LP. For an in-depth deconstruction of Bumi Uthiri, read the blog piece on the Ableton website.

At Loop 2020, Uwalmassa will give a Performative Presentation on blending traditional instruments with digital manipulation techniques and how they use non-western scales in the context of modern music production. The trio will also host a Music Improv Session for a small group of Loop attendees.

Photo: Helena Majewska

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