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Detailed program information will be announced in the coming weeks as artists and speakers are confirmed.

This year at Loop, we’ll cover a broad range of subjects around creativity and music-making. One focal point will be music and self-expression. What do the sounds we create say about who we are? What are the factors – from the room we record in to the society we live in – that define the limits of what we do, and how can we think beyond them? If we want to say or do something different, we might need different tools. Loop will shine a light on artists and makers thinking beyond the constraints imposed by our current music-making hardware and software, going off the grid. And we’ll take some time to think and talk about what it means to create music against the status quo, whether as a form of escapism, as a way of talking back to power, or even taking it back.

There’ll be performances, presentations, discussions and track deconstructions, as well as hands-on workshops, intimate studio sessions, and listening sessions. Plus, we’re offering opportunities for you to make music with Loop attendees and artists, and to work side-by-side with designers and thinkers at the forefront of music technology in our Maker Zone, a space for experimentation and collaboration at Loop.

Further program information will be announced in the coming weeks, as artists and speakers are confirmed.

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