Music Improv Sessions

Body Language for Improvisers: Finding the Feel with Sky Deep

When it comes to improvisation, looking can be as important as listening. From posture and movement to facial expressions, musicians use all kinds of non-verbal and inaudible cues to let each other know what they’re doing, what they’re about to do and what they’re inviting you to do with them. 

In this Music Improv Session, guitarist, producer and teacher Sky Deep shows you how to intuitively change the dynamics or direction of a performance using eye contact, body language and more. Sky will share skills she’s developed throughout a diverse music career that’s seen her play minimalist guitar in an ensemble performing the work of Julius Eastman and play laser harp as part of Peaches’ touring band.


Sky Deep

Sky Deep

Sky Deep is a multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, DJ, producer and label owner based in Berlin, Germany.