Maker Zone

Body Music: Manipulating Sound with Biophysical Signals

1+1=3 is a collective of artists, musicians and scientists dedicated to exploring the biophysical signals our bodies create, and harnessing these signals to create music. 

In this Maker Zone session, 1+1=3 will give attendees the opportunity to use specialized equipment to capture voltage variations created by activity of the brain, heart, muscles and eyes. As well as providing an introduction to understanding, collecting and analyzing biophysical signals, attendees will be shown how to use them as inputs for a modular synthesizer. The group will explore the signal processing required to make a usable sound, and experiment with affecting the body’s signals to achieve different sonic results. There is no previous experience or knowledge required to participate – the session will be fascinating for anyone with a curiosity for sound synthesis and the body’s inner workings. Attendees are invited to drop in at any time to learn about body signals, experiment with modular synths and jam. 




1+1=3 are a research and performance collective of musicians, visual artists and neuroscientists from across Europe exploring new forms of creative expression.