Clams is an award-winning collection of kinetic sound sculptures which convert data from water quality sensors into sounds and movement. Each ‘clam’ is constructed from recycled waste plastic and contains a speaker. The continuously evolving microtonal soundscape gives each shell a subtle, life-like opening and closing action.

Real-time readings from an industry-standard water purity sensor placed in the River Spree in Berlin will form the basis for the music, which is generated through a constantly shifting process based on water quality levels over time.

Clams will be featured in the entrance garden to the Kuppelhalle, inviting attendees to draw connections between sound art, data sonification and environmental sustainability.


Clams is a project created and produced by Marco Barotti.

Developed at WRO Art Center within the framework of EMAP / EMARE.

Co-funded by Creative Europe, C-Takt, Oerol Festival, and Transnatural.

Supported by Dayton Audio, “In-Situ” water quality measurements.

Many thanks to Anna Anderegg for conceptual advice and Pim Boreel for Hydro4Live development


Marco Barotti

Marco Barotti

Marco Barotti is an Italian musician and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany.