Music Improv Sessions

Electroacoustic Ensemble with Maria Teriaeva

Unusual among analog synthesizers, the Buchla provides a unique perspective on electronic music and an opportunity to integrate synthetic sounds with acoustic instruments.

In this Music Improv Session, accomplished pop musician Maria Teriaeva will demonstrate how she combines the Buchla with vocal techniques and a range of acoustic instruments. Drawing on her experience crafting pop songs through free modular improvisation, Teriaeva will start the session with an introduction to West Coast synthesis and electroacoustic composition, and present some of her work.

She’ll then lead a group exploration of the Buchla’s timbral possibilities. In playing and improvising together, attendees will get first-hand experience of the challenges and benefits of working with a modular synth such as the Buchla, and how it can be integrated with a range of musical elements.


Maria Teriaeva

Maria Teriaeva

Maria Teriaeva is a musician and composer based in Moscow, Russia.