Music Improv Sessions

Emotive Mash-Up with Jamila Woods

When we improvise, we invent – but we also draw on a lifetime of listening to music. Whether we realize it or not, existing melodies, rhythmic patterns, turns of phrase and shifts of tone all feed into our music-making. We build on the foundations of what’s come before us. 

For Jamila Woods, these small acts of communion with history are an essential part of her creative process. In this Music Improv Session, Jamila and Slot-A, who produced her recent album, Legacy! Legacy!, invite you to dive into your own musical memories and create something new from these emotive fragments. 

By re-creating and sampling the songs that have inspired you, and perhaps sharing your personal connection to them, you’ll discover how to harness the emotional content of your past and let it guide your steps toward the future. Players, singers and lyricists are all welcome.


Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods is a singer, songwriter, poet and educator from Chicago. Her music blends hip hop and R&B with political commentary, introspection, black history and self-love.