Maker Zone

Hit Machine: Building a Percussive Instrument in the Maker Zone

If you could craft your ultimate percussion instrument, what form would it take? In this Maker Zone session, you’ll be invited to collaborate on building a large-scale device using cardboard, plastic, metal, tape, piezo mics and a tiny computer. There will be PVC pipes on hand to build a framework for the instrument, and all kinds of materials available to craft individual elements to be hit, pushed, pulled or scratched to make sound. The microphones and basic electrical components will all be connected to a Bela computer already prepared with musical functionality, but also ready to be hacked by anyone with a laptop and a penchant for coding. 

The session will be headed up by Lia Mice, an instrument builder and performer who uses Bela computers in her custom devices. The session will run for five hours, and attendees are welcome to drop in at any time. Although there will be extra Bela computers available for people wanting to start from scratch, attendees are encouraged to add to or ‘remix’ the existing collaborative instrument. Attendees of all skill levels are welcome, and this event should be of great interest to anyone into instrument building, coding or beat-making.


Lia Mice

Lia Mice

Lia Mice is a multidisciplinary artist who uses technology to explore relationships between musical instruments and embodied performance.