Music Improv Sessions

Jazztronica: Music Improv Session with Joel Holmes and Cody Currie

Jazz is a music defined by improvisation and holds endless lessons for music makers working in any genre.


In this Music Improv Session, accomplished jazz musician, Joel Holmes, and up-and-coming electronic music artist, Cody Currie, reveal how they work together to compose, record and perform their tracks. 


Starting with exercises to promote an improvisational approach to playing together, you’ll learn principles of play and listening, as well as different forms of musicianship. Together, we’ll gain an appreciation for the artists’ studio process, discover the benefits of cross-genre collaboration and expand the role of improvisation in your own creative process.


Joel Holmes & Cody Currie

Joel Holmes & Cody Currie

Joel Holmes and Cody Currie are the perfect match, taking house music away from sampling and pre-determined structures and into improvised full-band live performance. The pair are forging a new path in jazz-infused house music from their basement studio in Berlin.