Live Performance with Ex-Easter Island Head

When artists impose exacting restrictions on their approach, the results can be profound. Those restrictions could be conceptual or technical, but defined boundaries lead to continued re-evaluation and invention as new pathways are explored.

Ex-Easter Island Head have a distinct approach centered around tabletop solid-body electric guitars and percussion – a stripped back sound palette that places the emphasis on motorik rhythmic precision and minimalist progression. The performance itself is laid bare by the open plan nature of their layout on stage, giving the audience a thrilling visual cross-section of the music as it unfolds through needlepoint patterns and visceral moments of release. Ex-Easter Island Head’s unique approach also provides a potent demonstration of the resonant tones to be explored within instrumentation, as they interact with their chosen tools in a range of inventive, tactile ways.


Ex-Easter Island Head

Ex-Easter Island Head

Ex-Easter Island Head is a UK-based musical collective composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion, and other instruments.