Lucier's ‘I Am Sitting In A Room’, as performed by clipping.

The 1969 sound art piece by Mary and Alvin Lucier, entitled “I Am Sitting in a Room” was created by repeatedly playing the recording of a voice narration into a room and re-recording each iteration.

Over time the formerly clear recording of an original piece of text by Daveed Diggs will disintegrate into, and be dominated by the sound of the room’s unique resonance.

Well-acquainted with minimalist music, experimental LA-based hip hop group clipping. have closed three of their albums with process music pieces by composers such as John Cage and Annea Lockwood. In this performance, clipping. will present their interpretation of “I Am Sitting In a Room” at the reverberant Ebensperger Rhomberg.




clipping. is an experimental hip hop trio from Los Angeles, California made up of producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, and rapper Daveed Diggs.