Music Improv Sessions

Music Improv Session with Ex Easter Island Head

Participating in improvised music-making can be hugely moving and rewarding, while giving you fresh perspectives on composition, dynamics and creative expression. 

Ex Easter Island Head are gifted performers, educators and composers who use their instruments in unique ways to accentuate their natural resonances, building hypnotic rhythmic compositions.

In this Music Improv Session, they will share their ideas on listening and playing in a group while they explore the sonic properties of the Ebensperger Rhomberg Chapel. Attendees will spend the final 30 minutes of this Session in group improvisation with the band using percussive instruments. A recording of the session will be made on a field recorder and available to participants afterwards.


Ex-Easter Island Head

Ex-Easter Island Head

Ex-Easter Island Head is a UK-based musical collective composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion, and other instruments.