Music Improv Sessions

Paramour of a Whirlpool with Colin Self

Deep listening and improvised co-creation can lay the groundwork for your own experiments and foster new ideas. 


In this conceptual music-making session, artist and composer Colin Self will lead attendees through an exploration of wildness, accumulation and the romance of entropy. Following Colin’s prompts, the group will create a piece of music in real time, with a heavy focus on repetition. The improvised work will be recorded in multi-channel audio and distributed as collectively-composed pieces to each member of the ensemble.


Building on an initial vocal loop, various instruments will slowly join as the composition shifts in pitch, tone, phrasing and tempo. The changing phases will be indicated and enhanced by a series of colored lights, adding a synaesthetic element to the experience. 


An opportunity to engage in active listening and develop an original composition based on imaginative principals, this session is particularly suitable for those with experience in group singing, music improvisation, live performance, instrumental improvisation (especially cello, upright bass, guitar or bowed guitar) and improvised modular synthesis.


Colin Self

Colin Self

Colin Self is an artist, composer and choreographer based in New York and Berlin. He creates music and performance pieces designed to expand consciousness, trouble binaries and play with the boundaries of perception. Self works with a broad range of communities using voices, bodies, and computers as tools to interface with biological and technological software.