Music Improv Sessions

Polyrhythms and Metric Modulation with Mount Liberation Unlimited

Polyrhythms occur when two or more different contrasting subdivisions of the beat are played simultaneously. Metric modulation is a way to transition between two different tempos through the use of different rhythmic figures. These techniques play a key role in genres as varied as jazz, math-rock and techno. 

In this Improvised Music Session, Swedish dance producers, Mount Liberation Unlimited (MLU), demystify these seemingly challenging concepts, bringing them to life in an interactive, real-time rhythmic experiment.

With MLU guiding and shaping the sound, we’ll split into two small groups playing distinct rhythms, building up grooves, textures and melodies on different instruments. By the end of this Session, you’ll better understand how to perform polyrhythms and metric modulations in your own music.

You don’t need to be a virtuoso or a math genius to take part in this session, but please bring an open ear and be ready to concentrate, collaborate, communicate and listen.


Mount Liberation Unlimited

Mount Liberation Unlimited

Mount Liberation Unlimited is a Swedish duo made up of multi-instrumentalists Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon.