REBUS is a digital compositional tool with extensive potential applications. 

Reminiscent of a theremin, REBUS uses an electromagnetic field to form an immaterial interface which can be manipulated by the human body. Previously demonstrated at the Nordic Sound and Music Computing conference in Stockholm, and Art Futura in London, REBUS is being presented as an installation for the first time at Loop.

Attendees will interact with REBUS to create meditative binaural sounds and cast constantly shifting shadows on the wall from a vintage light bulb. The sounds and visuals will react in real-time to the changing electromagnetic field. Visitors will also see the inner-workings of REBUS through a wall projection showing sensor readings on a virtual oscilloscope and the code driving the instrument.

Three light-controlled robotic synth sculptures from xname’s NoiseBots series will welcome visitors. And a short documentary showing how the instrument was designed will accompany the installation.

REBUS was made possible by the generous support of Queen Mary University of London (Antennas & Electromagnetics Group and Centre for Digital Music), and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.




xname is Eleonora Oreggia, an Italian musician and interdisciplinary artist based in London, UK.