Repurposing History: A Performative Presentation with Antenes

A multimedia artist, producer and DJ, Antenes is fascinated by the interconnected histories of telecommunications and synthesis. Drawing ideas from her technical and physical surroundings, she builds bespoke instruments and develops innovative installations to create captivating sonic experiences.

This performative presentation will begin with a 20-minute conversation. Here, we’ll discover how Antenes developed her creative identity through engagement with space, object, history and technology, and why she believes in the power of research and exploration as a creative trigger.

The session will close with a 30-minute performance, in which Antenes will use her hybrid setup. During this journey, we’ll hear firsthand how modifying everyday objects can result in distinct approaches to exploring and manipulating sound, and find new inspiration for our own creative practices.




New York-based DJ, producer, and electronics artist Antenes uses self-made instruments from repurposed vintage telephone equipment to create dark soundscapes, and deep, hypnotic rhythms.