Shure presents: A Different Dimension of Sound Design with Yuri Suzuki

Product design remains an integral part of the musical process. The physical form of a traditional instrument or the latest controller will hugely alter the way we interact with it, and by extension the resulting sound. With continual advances in technology, the relationship between musician and medium continues to evolve in fascinating ways.

Yuri Suzuki is an accomplished designer at the forefront of musical product design. From creating unique sound installations to designing new products and consulting for a number of manufacturers, his work continually examines the relationship between people and sound. This presentation will provide an insight into Suzuki’s multifaceted career and the concepts and creative processes behind his visionary ideas for different aspects of sound design. Attendees will be shown some of his most celebrated works, culminating with a discussion of his involvement in the Shure24 sponsorship campaign.


Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki is an award-winning sound artist, musician and multi-disciplinary designer from Tokyo, currently based in London.