Track Deconstructions

Splice presents: Track Deconstruction with Camea

For many musicians and producers, creating tracks in a studio setting is a solo pursuit. Even those who collaborate tend to do so within a close-knit circle.

Loop’s Track Deconstruction series offers a window into an otherwise closed process – an opportunity to experience what a production looks and sounds like in its pre-final state and gain an understanding of how key elements came to be.

In this session, techno DJ and producer Camea will walk us through a track from her upcoming debut album Dystopian Love. Starting with the original project file, she’ll show how she integrates hardware synthesizers into her workflow and give insights into the creative decisions behind each element of the track.

This session will be hosted by online sampling and music software resource Splice.




Camea is a DJ and producer from Seattle, Washington currently based in Berlin. Known for her driving avant-garde techno and house sets and her masterful ability to select records while performing, Camea has been a touring DJ and producer for over two decades.