Maker Zone

Stitch and Glitch: Sew Your Own Synthesizer

When we think of synthesizers, we tend to think of metal or plastic instruments precision engineered in factories. Helen Leigh is an advocate for putting instrument manufacture back in the hands of the people – she’s a hardware hacker who combines physical materials and technology to make simple and effective musical objects. 

In this Maker Zone session, Leigh will invite attendees to use e-textiles, conductive thread and felt to sew their own playable soft circuit instruments. As well as teaching some basics of synthesizer circuitry and exploring alternative conductive materials, one of the defining features of this event is the time that passes during the sewing process. While working, attendees can reflect on the direction their own device is heading in, and connect with the music makers around them. Attendees will be able to test their device in the room and take it home afterwards to incorporate it into their home studio. 


Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh is a creative technologist who specializes in music technologies, craft-based electronics and education.