The Art of Collaboration: In Conversation with Stephen O’Malley

Perhaps most widely known as a founding member of doom metal band sunn o))), Stephen O’Malley also has vast experience in collaborating with others. Using improvisational practices that bypass traditional composition and genre limitations, he has developed a rare ability to work with artists across disciplines, from Icelandic instrument makers and modular synth performers to pioneers like Steve Albini and Japanese metal band, Boris.

By finding common threads in seemingly disparate music styles, O’Malley redefines collaboration as a sort of curation. In this manner, he raises the profiles of fellow artists and acts as the gravitational center around which musical innovators constellate.

In this conversation with Mary Anne Hobbs, O’Malley will reveal why he started collaborating in this way and how he makes decisions at every point in the process. At a moment when interdisciplinary collaboration is presenting unprecedented opportunities, we’ll discover the power of genre cross-pollination and the secret to successful creative relationships.


Stephen O’Malley

Stephen O’Malley

Stephen O’Malley is a musician, composer, producer and visual artist from New Hampshire, raised in Seattle.