Music Improv Sessions

The Cyborg Choir: Voice Meets Machine

Singing is a form of musical expression available to almost everyone, yet the simple and human practice of vocalising has become increasingly disconnected from our daily lives. 

duendita’s work as an artist and musician is deeply rooted in the connection between body, voice and consciousness. In this Music Improv Session, she’ll share unique techniques for collective vocal improvisation through physical movement and sensory experience. She’ll also reveal how to use digital technologies to extend, manipulate, and complement her voice, creating a wider range of possibilities for expression and experimentation.

By singing, moving, and exploring as a group, participants will experience the connection and joy that comes from lifting their voices together.

No prior singing experience or technical knowledge is required to attend this session.




duendita sings a soul-filled blend of jazz and R&B using unorthodox production techniques.