The Magic of Listening Together, with Mary Anne Hobbs

Becoming proficient at playing and producing music involves learning how to be a good listener. In an increasingly noisy and distracted age, however, it’s also becoming harder to listen – and to reap the creative benefits of this crucial practice.

In her long career as a DJ, radio presenter and interviewer, Mary Anne Hobbs has established herself as an expert listener. With a radical openness to new sounds, the ability to hear beyond the confines of style, and a boundless energy for talking about what moves her, she shows us not what to listen to, but what to listen for.

When we listen to music on the radio, we do so both with the space for reverie that solitude allows, as well as with the knowledge that we’re sharing the experience with the DJ and the other listeners. And for Mary Anne, this is where music’s meaning is made.

In this honest and in-depth conversation, Ableton’s Dennis DeSantis will sit down with Mary Anne and a selection of music that’s opened her ears over the past two decades. Together, we’ll discover how the listening process is being transformed by technology and societal norms, how to master the art of listening, and why magic happens when we listen together.


Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs is a radio presenter, music journalist and DJ from Lancashire, England.