Track Deconstructions

Track Deconstruction with clipping.

For many musicians and producers, creating tracks in a studio setting is a solo pursuit. Even those who collaborate, tend to do so within a close-knit circle.

Loop’s Track Deconstruction series offers a window into an otherwise closed process – an opportunity to experience what productions look and sound like ‘under the hood,’ and gain an understanding of how key elements came to be.

In this session, the members of clipping. will break down one of their tracks, demonstrating the journey it took from initial idea to studio recording to stage. They will also give an overview of some of the conceptual discussions they have when forming an idea and the techniques they use to work together while living in different timezones.




clipping. is an experimental hip hop trio from Los Angeles, California made up of producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, and rapper Daveed Diggs.