Maker Zone

The Maker Zone is part studio, part laboratory, part classroom and part hang-out space, where participation is relaxed, but actively encouraged. It’s a space where we explore unique approaches to music technology and interdisciplinary creativity through collaborative sessions. You can help build a large-scale musical instrument, learn about controlling modular synths with signals from the human body, or sew your own synthesizer. The emphasis is on hands-on skills and knowledge that can be passed person-to-person. These are accessible sessions designed to benefit all skill sets, with social interaction at their core. All Maker Zone events run from 2pm to 7pm, and you can drop in at any time. Come along, make some friends, make some noise and make something new.

Lia Mice

Hit Machine: Building a Percussive Instrument in the Maker Zone

Helen Leigh

Stitch and Glitch: Sew Your Own Synthesizer