Music Improv Sessions

While creativity is a deeply personal experience, music-making is ultimately social – a rewarding process of listening to, learning from and collaborating with each other. Facilitated by artists, producers and educators, Loop’s Music Improv Sessions present a unique opportunity to improvise in a fun and welcoming group setting and make something none of us could have invented on our own. Get together with like-minded people, develop new skills and connect with potential collaborators, both creative and technical. All ability levels are welcome and no preparation is required – simply be ready to get lost in the musical present moment and experience the magic of shared creative flow. Music Improv Sessions are small group events and have limited space. If you’d like to take part in a session, sign up on the same day at the info hub.

Connecting Across Cultures: GSBTB Open Music Lab

Maria Teriaeva

Electroacoustic Ensemble with Maria Teriaeva

Jamila Woods

Emotive Mash-Up with Jamila Woods


Interpreting Graphic Scores with Uwalmassa

Joel Holmes & Cody Currie

Jazztronica: Music Improv Session with Joel Holmes and Cody Currie

Ex-Easter Island Head

Music Improv Session with Ex Easter Island Head


NYX Choir: Ecstatic Synchronicity

Colin Self

Paramour of a Whirlpool with Colin Self

Mount Liberation Unlimited

Polyrhythms and Metric Modulation with Mount Liberation Unlimited

Hilary Jeffery, Maya Shenfeld

Site-Specific Performance with Maya Shenfeld and Hilary Jeffery

Stephen O’Malley

Studies of Intonation and Duration with Stephen O’Malley


The Cyborg Choir: Voice Meets Machine