Loop helps music makers discover new ideas to inspire their creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators and creative thinkers from around the world, Loop connects a global music-making community. Through events, and a living archive of ideas and techniques, Loop is a collective exploration of what it is to make music today, and what it could be tomorrow.

Loop Events

Since 2015, several thousand music makers, artists, developers, technologists and teachers have traveled from around the world to join the annual Loop Summit. Now comes a new chapter for Loop, with plans for experiments to explore the future of music-making – both online and in localized community settings. Together with a global community of music makers, Loop is working towards creating new environments with more opportunities to exchange ideas, stories and sounds.

Loop Summit 2015

Loop’s first Summit saw speakers including AI sound artist Holly Herndon, instrument designer Roger Linn and creative provocateur Matthew Herbert join 500 music makers, at a former pumping station in the heart of Berlin.

Loop Summit 2016

The spectacular studios and orchestra halls of Funkhaus Nalepastrasse housed an expanded Summit, with explorations of human-computer interaction projecting the historic GDR-era radio HQ into the future of music & sound.

Loop Summit 2017

Loop’s return to Nalepastrasse traced connections between dub, drum & bass, and footwork, explored new directions in music education, and hosted audiovisual spectacles, both onstage and in the unseen edifices of Funkhaus.

Loop Summit 2018

What does it mean to perform music live? What’s the relationship between music and image? What do we want from ‘the future of music?’ Loop’s first US Summit explored these questions and more in the heart of Hollywood, LA.


#LoopAtHome brought the ideas, explorations and inspirations of Loop to music makers around the world. When we couldn’t meet in person, we came together online for live-streamed talks and collective music making challenges.

Loop Create

How can our environment influence the music we make? At Loop Create, we spent the day online, exploring our surroundings and sharing the results – experiments with field recordings, sound effects, and the lo-fi microphones in our everyday devices.

More from Loop


Watch presentations, panel discussions and in-depth demos on creatives and their practice.


Explore multimedia pieces crafted around individuals and themes in music-making.


Catch performers presenting their work, and get a glimpse of their setups from a music maker’s perspective.