Loop Cafe

10:00, 15:15, 18:00 & 23:15 Casablanca (UTC)

Social | 45 minutes

Music is not only made in studios, jam spaces, on laptops and in headphones – it’s also made in conversation. Our conversations about music shape music itself, by making and remaking the cultural world that sustains it, by injecting new ideas into our practice, or reinforcing (while subtly changing) old ones. Every hallway conversation at a summit, and every shouty chat on a dancefloor is part of music-making.

So, how do we keep this conversation going in the online sphere of Loop Create? On four separate occasions during the day, you’ll be invited to join a table at Loop’s virtual cafe, meet some other music makers you’ve never met before, and join a robust discussion about the theory and practice of music.

While meeting new people can be awkward (perhaps even more so in an online setting), the Loop Cafe Menu is here to help you push past the small talk and find a way to something interesting. The menu offers a choice of three conversation starters; interesting topics, stimulating thought experiments, and big questions to discuss – giving us a chance to learn from one another’s skills, ideas, experience and cultural background.