Creating Sound Worlds with A.Fruit

13:15 & 21:15 Casablanca (UTC)

Challenge | 2 hours

Sound effects are all around us, so embedded in our media landscape that they can be easy to miss. Though they're subtle, sound effects are powerful – they can affect how we react to movies, video games, and the world at large. Although many sound effects are made using techniques like synthesis and sample manipulation, they also often rely on foley, the practice of recording real-life everyday sounds, which lend a sense of space to what we’re seeing.

Anna Fruit has found a lot of creative potential in the spatial depth that sound effects can provide when we apply them to music-making. Streaming from St. Petersburg studio Galernaya 20, Anna will show us how she brings visual scenes to life through creative sound design. Using synthesis, found sound and foley techniques, she’ll use Ableton Live to create new sounds to go along with the scenes. If you’re registered for Loop Create, you can download the videos and try out the challenge for yourself, or follow Anna’s example to get some ideas.

For working with the videos, you’ll need to use Ableton Live – you can download the free trial version if you usually make music in another DAW. Loop Creative Producer Astrid Bin will be on hand to moderate; facilitating the discussion and ensuring you get the answers you need from Anna to give it a try.


A.Fruit is Anna Fruit – a Russian DJ, producer, audio engineer and game industry sound designer from Moscow, currently based in St. Petersburg.

Anna’s music is a modern take on drum & bass, footwork, and jungle. Beside her own music, she creates sound effects and music of other genres for PC games, as well as providing digital mastering services from her home studio.

A dual career as both a music producer and sound designer has given Anna a specially attuned ear for the sounds of our environment, and the ability to translate her experience of the world into sound effects, both for games and in her own music. She’s taking a game-on approach to her session at Loop Create, with a live, on-the-spot demonstration of her working process.

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Astrid Bin

Astrid Bin is an artist, designer and researcher who works with sound, computers and the physical world. As an artist and designer she creates large-scale installations, electronic microworlds and digital experiences, and as a music technology researcher her work centers on what music-making might look like in the near (and not-so-near) future.

For Loop Create, Astrid will open and moderate the discussion with A.Fruit during the challenge.