Loop Create: An online event for music makers, happening June 26–27

A new chapter for Loop starts now. The Loop experience of previous years is being reshaped and developed into new events, taking place online, in-person and a combination of the two.

The first is Loop Create, a one-day online event for music makers, taking place June 26–27, 2021 and designed to bring people together across different time zones. As an attendee, you can gain new insights and techniques to use in your own music-making process, try out new ideas, and share your results with a community of creators from all over the world.

Just like the physical Loop summit, the Loop Create program will include sessions hosted by a wide-ranging lineup of invited artists, musicians, technologists and educators from all over the musical map, sharing their knowledge and processes to inspire you further in your own musical practice.

The event is free for anyone who registers. Registration opens May 26, 2021.

More news about Loop Create will follow soon.