Daily Challenge: Instruction Music


Each day of the #LoopAtHome weekend, we invite you to take part in a music-making challenge, and share your results with us. Today’s challenge is like a musical recipe – a set of steps any music maker can follow to create a musical concoction. As with any recipe, if you don’t have an ingredient, use whatever is available. If you follow the recipe to the best of your ability, then you’ve ‘made’ the piece.

The inspiration for this challenge comes from the avant-garde FLUXUS movement. Artists including Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles and George Brecht, pioneered what they called event scores – simple instructions that could be performed by anyone. The second movement of Knowles’ “Bean Piece” instructed the performer to “deliberately spill the beans”, while another by La Monte Young called for the player to “draw a straight line and follow it”. The point of these “little illuminations”, as Young called them, was to blur the barrier between art and everyday life, to demonstrate that the world – and your apartment – is already making music. Let’s call it … ‘house music’.

In this spirit, we invite you to make some house music with us by downloading the instructions below. Follow the steps to the best of your ability, but feel free to interpret them however you like – they’re supposed to be fun!

Download the instructions here >

Share the Noise

When you've finished your piece, join us, share your sounds and discuss your process with your fellow music makers. We'll be checking the hashtag #LoopAtHome on all the usual social channels.
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Hear the Noise

Hear the outcomes of the challenge on Soundcloud, and in Loop's Music-Making Weekend Metapop group. New pieces of instruction music are still being uploaded, feel free to join in and add yours!