Daily Challenge: Radio Rework


Each day of the #LoopAtHome weekend, we invite you to take part in a music-making challenge, and share your results with us. Today’s challenge starts and ends with musical experiments. 

We begin with an archive of sounds - the result of thousands of hours of experiments with tape loops, tone generators, filters, delays, and weird, one-of-a-kind electromechanical inventions. These explorations were produced at a legendary sound laboratory, the Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES) from 1957 until the '80s. 

In the spirit of PRES’s sonic innovation, the challenge itself is our own sort of experiment. We want to see how many beats, sketches and compositions a global community of music makers can produce from this one collection of sounds. We're giving you the keys to the tape archive of PRES, a library full of gorgeous analog loops, rhythms and tones for you to splice, process and arrange using the kind of precision digital tools that the engineers who produced this material could only dream about. Our challenge to you is to dive in among these samples, kits, and effect racks and create something of your own.

You can read about the history of the studio and the composers who worked at PRES here. And for some inspiration on getting started, check out Seed to Stage’s video made especially for this challenge:

When you're ready, download the pack, reuse, rework, design and destroy; use whatever effects and processing you like; create in any style or genre. There’s only one rule: you can only use sounds from the PRES pack.

Download the Sounds from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio >

Share the Noise

And when you're finished, join us, share your creation with us and discuss your process with your fellow music makers. We'll be checking the hashtag #LoopAtHome on all the usual social channels.

You can exchange and discuss creations via Metapop, or post comments via Facebook or Twitter. In all cases, you'll be leaving the Ableton Loop Website, so do consider your privacy, which will be covered by the policies of those providers (details below). We'll be there to moderate discussions, and you can always reach out by email to loop@support.ableton.com if you need support.

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Hear the Noise

Hear the outcomes of the sample challenge on Soundcloud, and in Loop's Music-Making Weekend Metapop group. New tracks are still coming in, so feel free to join!