As Loop Create presenters, Sky Deep and Christa Belle will guide you through the program, helping you prepare for each session and keeping you in the know about what’s coming up. Drawing on their personal insights and passions, they’ll bring the experience to life and make sure you’re always involved in the conversation.

Sky Deep

Sky Deep is a DJ, producer and film director. Known for creating connection, freedom of self and joyful passion through her performances, she has also toured with Peaches, working as a multi-instrumentalist and MIDI director.

Having developed her musical foundations between LA and NYC, Sky has been based in Berlin since 2014. To date, her career has seen her take on roles as festival curator, sound engineer and promoter. She regularly releases music on her own label Reveller Records, alongside records from the likes of The Knife and Borusiade.

Sky’s technical knowledge, together with the welcoming energy she brings to all discussions and creative projects, will help you feel right at home in the collaborative environment of Loop Create.

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Christa Belle

Christa Belle is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and music maker. Dedicated to facilitating creative growth in herself and others, she is Ableton’s Artist Relations Manager for the EMEA region.

Christa Belle studied Digital Music Production in Vancouver, before working in sound engineering, venue programming and event organizing. In 2017, she was invited to judge Canada’s Polaris Music Prize. Soon after, she moved to Berlin and found her path at Ableton.

When not investigating the roots of music technologies or teaching herself new instruments, Christa Belle is mostly at home in Berlin, making art with friends. At Loop Create, she’ll moderate the discussion with KMRU, and guide you through the program with her characteristic spark of enthusiasm.