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Loop Create is a free, interactive event for music makers, taking place on October 29, 2022 at 4pm (Berlin/UTC+2).


Loop is for music makers: artists, technologists, educators, and creative thinkers of all kinds. It is a gathering of individuals interested in not just observing, but also in participating and joining the conversation around music, technology and creativity.

A healthy music-making community is one with a diversity of voices and perspectives. Loop embraces diversity of gender, genre, age and cultural identity.

It is important that you feel safe and welcome at Loop. You can read the Code of Conduct, but the short version is: treat everyone with respect.
Complete the registration form and you’ll get an email confirming your place. Then, on the week of the event, you’ll receive your personal access code and all other information you need. On October 29, you can log in with your access code at to take part.
Your registration means that we can keep in touch with you directly on the run-up to the event. This helps you get all the information you need to participate, and us to deliver the best possible experience on the day. You can register on the day of the event too, but we recommend doing it early to make sure you get all the practical information beforehand.
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